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Services by Kathy
Kathy Carnwright offers a wide range of professional hair services in the warm, friendly atmosphere of Hair Craft and all at prices that won't put a snag in your budget. Call Kathy at 336-210-6329 to make an appointment for any of the following services.

Shampoo and Cut - Kathy is trained in the latest styles as well as timeless classics. She offers easily maintained haircuts for women, teens, kids and men and will consult with you about your style and care goals to help you get the cut that is best for your features and your lifestyle.

Styling - Kathy can style your hair after the cut, and for any day that you want to look especially polished. She will also share with you recommended products and techniques so that you can maintain your style between appointments. She does not sell products, so Kathy will give you unbiased advice on what will work best for your hair texture, condition, color and cut.

Color & Highlights - Kathy offers all over color as well as partial and full highlighting. She uses only the highest quality products that are gentle on your hair but result in long lasting color. Contact Kathy today of a personal consultation. She can do a look that is as natural or imaginative as you would like. Your color by Kathy will be a true expression of who you are.

Keratin Treatments - If you are struggling with dry, frizzy hair that you can't seem to tame, then a Ketain Smoothing Treatment could be for you! Our Keratin Smoothing Treatments have no added formaldehyde and can last up to 60 shampoos depending on hair type and the shampoo used. This treatment reduces frizz by 90-100%, resulting in wonderfully smooth shiny hair regardless of hair type.

Perms - Whether you want to just add some body to limp hair, or you would like full, luxurious curls, a Permament Wave can be a great solution. Kathy will consult with you regarding the look you want and analyze your hair type to determine what style of perm would best meet your needs.